Tuesday, September 5, 2017

30th Day and Epilogue

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SEA Teacher Project 4th Batch

September 5th 2017 is a Tuesday

          I thank to the God because his mercy I can finish the program with good result. I would like to say thank so much for my parents who support me a lot. Also, thank to my lecturers, Mr. Hidayah , Ms. Mawaddah, Ms. Yuni, Ms. Kamal, and others who I can’t mention one by one, thank for Mr. Arif who helps me a lot in preparing everything that I need and all people who have contribution in this program.

          Best regard for the host, Roosevelt College Inc. who gives us extraordinary service and facility. It such a great honour for me to come to this university. Thanks a lot for Roosevelt College Inc. Cainta Campus who is very welcome to me, gives me good facility, and also helps me in doing my teaching practice.

          Thank for Manila that gives me a new experience, gives me a nice view, gives me a delecious food, gives me many humble people, gives me something that I can’t forget about. You are the best city that I have ever visited. I hope we will see each other soon.

          The last but not the least, thank you so much for SEAMEO who gives us a chance to join with SEA-Teacher program. Thank you for this amazing program, you help many students to make their dreams come true. Hopefully, SEAMEO can improve this program be better than before and always gives a chance for other students to join with program.

29th Day and Arrival in Banjarmasin (Home)

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SEA Teacher Project 4th Batch

September 4d 2017 is a Monday

          After we ate Indonesian food all of us change our clothes and now we doing blog report and still waiting our next flight, our next flight is 0.40 pm and we should waiting around 10 hours and we are boring but we can’t do anything and just slept and talked with other friend.

          Now we are in plane for going back my hometown and we need spent time 1 hours 20 minute for came to Banjarmasin and yeah finally we came and met my parents and brother. We talk too much and I hug my parents lol because I’m miss so much and after that I said I’m starving and we going to restaurant for early dinner and I came home , took a shower and slept until morning.


28th Day and Arrival in Jakarta

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SEA Teacher Project 4th Batch

September 3rd 2017 is a Sunday

          Today I woke up at 4 am because I’m feeling late to go to NAIA airport, but I’m realize is still early morning and I tried to slept again and I woke up at 6am and then I’m playing a phone until 7.30 and I took a shower and washing my pajama and other stuff.

          At 8 am I got message from Kiki if mylyn from RCI who stay in UNLAM for SEA Teacher Project 4th Batch arrival in Philippine and I made a promise to meet her at RCI at 10 am after that maybe just less than 5 minute (I think so because she go to the church). After that I go to the PUREGOLD sumolong highway for bought some stuff after that I going back to dorm.

          At 1 pm I got a lunch just noodle and rice and slept again and I woke up to prepare my stuff before going back home. At 1.30 pm we go to the front of elementary school for waiting mam dena but she said the car will be came at 2.30 pm but we going to NAIA airport at 3 pm and I came at 4 pm and go to the money exchange first because I’m really really starving and I ate McDonald's for the first time since in Philippine lol.

         And now still waiting until 8.40 for my flight manila to Jakarta but before my flight I going to the charger area but I’m forget to bring connected adopter and then I go back to the 4th floor going to first floor just looking around lol.

          And then I going the 3rd floor because I went to find my other friend and than I found them after that we going to check in and going to the immigration and then we go to the plan because my flight start at 8.43 pm until 11.45 time for GMT +7 and yeah we came Indonesia in terminal 3 and we waiting for luggage and we move to terminal 1c and then we ate noodle and lalapan after doing that we change our clothes and now still waiting for next flight.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

27th Day

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SEA Teacher Project 4th Batch

September 2nd 2017 is a Saturday

          This day Amir, Ian, Jam, Ying, and Dew went back to their country. They left the dorm around 6:30 in the morning. After they leave the dorm became so lonely.

         Today I just washed the clothes because tomorrow is the time for me leave the dorm. And right now I'm doing checking again my self-report and blog report. After this i'm planning to do my luggage and my all stuff.

Thank you

26th Day

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SEA Teacher Project 4th Batch

September 1st 2017 is a Friday

          Today Mam Dena brought us to Tagaytay City. We started our trip around 10 a.m in the morning and arrived in Tagaytay City around 2 in the afternoon. We really had a very long trip because of the traffic. When we arrived in Tagaytay CIty, we went to Gerry's Grill to have our lunch.

and then we go back to the dorm around 10.30 p.m

Thanks you